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About M.O.S.T. of Maine

Our Company
We started this company to provide more opportunities for people to get into a motorcycle training course. All of our instructors are very experienced riders and certified to teach by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and licensed by the State of Maine. We task our instructors to treat all of our customers as they would want a member of their family treated if they were taking the course. Our goal is to provide a welcome, organized, professional and friendly environment for people to obtain motorcycle safety training. We strive to help meet the individual needs of our students and make this training both safe and fun.

Our Instructors
Trenton Oliphant, owner and operator of M.O.S.T. of Maine, LLC, has been riding street motorcycles of all types since 1987 and enjoys daily local rides as well as extended tours in the United States and Canada. "Motorcycling is part of my life and I really enjoy providing students with a positive experience, whether they are complete beginners or experienced riders. There is something in the MSF curriculum for everyone!" Trenton brings an enthusiasm and professionalism to every course he teaches at Crystal Falls, the range at which he was initially trained.

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